Are there any issues with the Bing Connector?

There are some known issues please see my reply below.

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    Important: Bing recently changed the way that they authenticate APIs from username and password to Developer token, client ID, and client secret.

    What happened?
    We have updated our Bing Connector to use the latest API version. The new version has the following impacts:
    - Change in authentication mechanics to client ID, client secret, and developer token.
    - The Gender Demographic report has been removed and replaced with Age Gender Audience
    - Schema of some reports have changed (see list below)

    How do customers fix it?
    All customers using the BingAds Connector will need to create a client ID, secret, and developer token for BingAds. The tool tips for each field has information on how to do this, and there's a link to the Microsoft documentation as well. Some customers will need to create a new DataSet because the schema for certain reports have changed. The reports in question are:
    - Goals and funnels
    - Account Performance
    - Ad Group Performance
    - Campaign Performance
    - Share of Voice
    - Call Detail
    - Gender Demographic Report

    For customers not using the above reports, we are looking at whether they can just update their authentication mechanism and keep using the same DataSet.