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Instead of creating the schedules on datasets, it would be nice to have the ability to create schedules independent of the datasets and then assign datasets to schedules. For example If I have 100 datasets that need to run daily at 6am and another 50 that run once a week on Sunday at 8am, I would create two schedules first ('Daily 6AM Schedule' and a 'Weekly 8AM Schedule') and then assign the datasets to these schedules. 


This becomes helpful when you need to change schedules for group of jobs (i.e. after daylight savings time change where datasets move up/back by an hour) or turn off schedules on datasets. Instead of going into 150 datasets, in this case, and changing schedules one by one, you would go into the 'Schedule Center' and update the 2 schedules and the datasets associated with the schedules get updated.  

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