File is not supported. Please use legacy connector.

I've been using the File Upload connector with several XLSX sheets for over 2 years. We update this data weekly and it has worked flawlessly.


All of sudden this week whenever I go to upload a .xlsx file I'm getting a, "'File is not supported. Please use legacy connector." error.


It does not matter if I save the file as a .CSV, .xls, .xlsx and back and forth. Every time I'm getting this error—again from a spreadsheet that I've uploaded weekly for over 2 years with 100% success. I even exported the previous weeks' successful update from Domo (to CSV) and then tried reuploading it unaltered as a CSV. Again, I got the same error.


Does anyone have an idea of the issue? For what it's worth I'm using Office on a Mac.

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Have you tried starting a new File Upload connector and uploading your file to that and just call it test? If that works, then it sounds like your existing connector is somehow corrupt and might require a call to Domo Support. 

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  • Great idea! I attempted to upload different files to multiple "instances" of the existing connector (we have 7 different spreadsheets, they all gave me the same error) but had not tried creating a new connector.


    Creating a new file upload connector did allow me to upload the spreadsheet without getting the "File not supported..." error.


    So, thank you! Of course, Domo does not provide ANY support on standard plans so I'm not sure what to do there other than relinking all our cards to the new data set. Thankfully most of our cards are connected to data flows and NOT the file upload connector directly.