Setting up Workbench on new server - "Key not valid for use..." Error occurring

I have set up Workbench on a new server and I have imported and updated a job that was previously running on another machine.


On my first and all subsequent attempts at running the job on the new server, I receive the following two notifications:


[02.05.20 5:02:50 PM] Determining execution parameters
[02.05.20 5:02:50 PM] Key not valid for use in specified state.


The new server is running Workbench 5.0.7228.31236.


All attempts to find any references to such an error in the context of Domo have failed to provide any insight.  Has anyone seen this before or know where I can find more info about it?





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    I was thinking issue with the token provided to the account but I had forgotten that went away in one of the updates. Will it let you re-authorize the user defined in the account? It might also be a certificate issue... you might try telling it to ignore cert issues.. Post the answer if you get it working.

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