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Simple, but adding an export function to analyzer would be great and save so much time. It would also beneficial for users with less access to dataflows.

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  • Hi @Bill_Bebb,

    There are a couple options already for exporting data from cards, though not directly from the Analyzer.


    The first option is for exporting only the data that's used in the card, rather than the entire dataset. If you're viewing the card, click the Share icon above the card and selecting Send/Export. This gives you the option to export to different file types, including Excel.

    Card Export.PNG


    The second option is for exporting the underlying raw dataset by drilling to the card's base data. To do this, simply click into any field in the card to drill (you may have to repeat this step a few times if you have a drill path set up). Eventually you'll reach the base data, which will be filtered by the feilds you clicked the drill. You can remove these filters if you don't need them by clicking the drop-down icon on the blue filter bars above the card, and clicking the trash can icon to remove them. Once all your desired filters are removed, you'll see the same Share icon in the top right corner. Click that and select Share/Export, which will give you the option to expor the data to Excel or CSV.


    Base Data.PNG


    I'm not sure if this accomplishes what you're asking for, but I wanted to at least share that there were a few alternatives.


  • Bill_Bebb
    Bill_Bebb Contributor

    Good Morning @MichelleH and thank you for the response. For this suggestion, though, I'm talking about an export specifically from within the analyzer. Currently, as far as I know, when looking for specific data, you have to build a card and then save it before exporting. It would be a lot easier for users if they could export within the analyzer without actually saving the card.

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