Regex to Only show data before a certain character



I have data that looks like this:

Banks Short | Navy Camo - Navy Camo / SBanks Shorts
The Rise The Shine Tee | Charcoal - Charcoal / LThe Rise The Shine Tees
Classic Vuori Tee | Heather Grey - Heather Grey / SClassic Vuori Tees


I want just the items to the left of the | to show.  How can I achieve this.


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    You can actually do this really easily with the Split Columns tile in the Magic ETL. In the Split Columns options:

    1. Choose your column

    2. Select Custom and add the |

    3. You can leave the checkbox unchecked since you don't care about the rest of the data.

    4. Give your new column a name


    Hope this helps.

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  • Sorry for the late reply as I was sick for a while but this worked!! Thank you so much my friend.