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I know there are some threads around this but none of them seem to touch on the issue I'm having.


I have the top card built off Dataset A with columns for Regional Manager, District Manager and Locations.  Dataset A summarizes different revenue streams for each location.  The card is subtotaled by Regional Manager then has the District Manager listed followed by Locations then all the different revenue.


Dataset B has the details of all the revenue streams from Dataset A including (character for character) Regional Manager, District Manager and Locations.  When I click on any of those 3 I get the error: "An invalid column was specified in your request (the column does not exist on the dataset)". 


It is my understanding that as long as both datasets share the column I'm clicking on then the drill down should work.  Please help


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    Yes, you need to check all the beast modes, no matter you are using the beast modes in the graph or not.

    Also, you should check if you are filtering anything on the top card (card with dataset A), then the same column should be present in the dataset B, this might also cause the same error.

    There is another way you can identify the column, I am not sure this works always or not, but if you know what inspect element is, you can turn it on (for chrome & firefox it's ctrl+shift+i) just before drilling down and once you have drilled down, you can check the preview or header under the 'Network' tabs to check the column.

    I am pasting a link to Domo knowledge base for your reference if you have included all the points mentioned here- https://knowledge.domo.com/Visualize/Adding_Cards_to_Domo/KPI_Cards/KPI_Card_Building_Part_2%3A_The_Analyzer/04Adding_Drill_Path_to_Your_Chart

    Hope this helps


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  • Hi,

    There could be a couple reasons for this behaviour,

    1. Please check for spelling errors,including case as column headers and fields are case sensitive
    2. Please check all the beast modes, there is a good chance that a beast mode was created on a column which was altered by any means in the source dataset / ETL etc.

    Hope this helps



    Aditya Jain

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  • Thanks Aditya.  I checked spelling and cases for each of the 3 columns and they match exactly.

    As for beast modes, I'm not using any of those 3 columns in any beast mode.  They are all straight from the datasets with no manipulation within the card.  I'm just using them as columns.  However, I do have other beast modes doing other calculations/formatting.  Do I need to have all the same columns in each dataflow?  


    Is there any other criteria that needs to match between Dataset A and Dataset B other than the column name(s)?

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