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We have created a story dasbhoard with some filters applied. When we choose to Export to PDF, the filtering criteria is listed at the bottom as well as page numbering information. Is there a way to remove that? It really takes away from the look of the dashboard when that is showing. Here is a screenshot of the bottom of the PDF. 


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  • Jarvis
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    Hello Mark,


    That information is included to ensure that if two versions of the report are sent out one with and one without the filters it can quickly be understood why there is a difference in the data shown and help ensure decisions made are aware of the information filtered on etc. 


    However, I can understand why you may wish to have the export without this information included. Maybe as the export to PDF is selected the option to include or exclude elements could be offered. This would be an enhancement request you would submit to the product team through the feedback channel here;




  • Hi @MarkSnodgrass 


    How do you find the Export to PDF functionality? When we try to export a story dashboard to PDF, the output is rather messy and all over the place. I've been trying to re-arrange and re-format certain elements so the final product is more PDF-friendly, but this has been a struggle. I've also looked into creating copies of the dashboard in the old format (not stories), and then set up an automated Powerpoint report using the plug-in to automatically upload cards within the slide deck. The powerpoint plug-in allows for a lot more customization to make the PDF look like a "proper report".


    How have you been handling this? Any thoughts, advice? Or have you not found the formatting to be an issue? 

  • @Ritwik 

    It should be in the top right portion of the page. However, I believe that if your story is too long, the Export to PDF option becomes unavailable. The PowerPoint option looks quite similar to the PDF, but I at least have the option in PowerPoint to remove the filter language that I don't want to show up. I would then need to conver it to PDF after I am done. Not ideal since the end goal is to generate a PDF for each of our 400 members and I haven't found a way to automatically change the page filter and generate the PDF other than doing it manually. 


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    **Make sure to <3 any users posts that helped you.
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  • Right, I still have the option of exporting to PDF--the issue is in how the cards end up getting formatted. Single value cards for example take up far too much room. The entire story itself becomes rather jumbled and hard to follow with the way the card sizes and borders end up. 



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