Adding Tags to posts in the Dojo

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I was reading the Help & FAQ section in the Dojo and had a question about tagging. It says here that I can tag interesting posts or comments so that I can easily find them later and I would do so by doing the following:

To add a tag:

  1. Navigate to an interesting post or comment.
  2. Click in the Add field and type your tags (separated by commas).
  3. Click Add Tag.

However, when I navigate to an existing post, I don't see any Add field to be able to add tags. 

On new posts, I see a Labels field, but not sure if that is different than Tags and I definitely don't see that option on existing posts or comments by others. 

Does adding tags to posts/comments still exist in the Dojo?

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    Thanks for the heads up on this. Just checked the global settings in admin and for some reason this was turned off. It should be enabled now.


    Please let me know what you're seeing and apology for the delay in addressing this earlier!