Importing a value with leading zero



I am importing a simple dataset, and the leading zeros are being truncated.  Example:


I want: 000001

But end result is: 1


Does anyone have any suggestions about how to work around this? Thanks.

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  • Ashleigh
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    You could always add them back using an ETL, if the leading zeros is always constant you can add that number or you could add a set number, say 10, and then do a right substring to get any non-zero first and then the rest zeros. Like this 

    orginal: 1

    padded: 00000000001

    substring (3 places) : 001


  • If you are not looking to aggregate this column, then try converting the data type to text (Probably create another column so you don't alter the original one) and and then trying importing.

  • If you are using Domo Workbench to send the data to Domo, you can go to the Schema tab and change the data type to Text or String. This would eliminate the need to do anything in the ETL. 

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