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Would be great to have:

-Email groups you could send to (rather than having to enter email addresses individually)

-Change the top and bottom of the email reports - (e.g. 'scheduled report', includes x cards, sent to y people)

-Change the email interactivity settings - so you can configure what happens when you click on the report - not just going straight to DOMO

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  • Ashleigh
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    @simontarry76  You can make groups in Admin section of Domo and then choose that group when you want to schedule a report, (example make an HR group with all the HR users and then send the report to the HR group).

    I believe they are working on something already to customize the header and footer of an email. One way I have gotten around this is by adding a notecard on the page to explain what the report is and who is getting it, then when they get the report it has that notecard at the top.

  • Jaketh13
    Jaketh13 Domo Employee
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    @simontarry76 If you are specifically wanting to send these reports to users outside of Domo, another option would be to add them as social users. You could then make groups like @Ashleigh suggests.


    For the rest, I think these suggestions are great ideas for improvements to further customize scheduled reports. We currently do not have this functionality (though I believe @Ashleigh  is right about something being in the works.


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