what to put in x, Y axis and series in Line +Grouped Bar ?

I am trying to display three simple values on this graph. 

need to see Forcasted value + Actual Value = Grouped Bar.

Line - I want to see how many orders each month.


 So I did try to use this graph, it messed up all my data. I see values have been increased immensly.

Please if someone can explain how I can dispaly these on the graph, will be great help.

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    Hi @Techy007 


    Use a date column for your x-axis and set the card to dysplay by month... 

    on the Y-axis use the value you want to display as a line which would be in your case the number of orders

    the second value to add  is your forecast value and the third one your actual value , add these 2 to the series section


    then in the chart properties section / General  where it says "series on left scale" put a 1

    this will make your line be on the left scale and the 2nd and 3rd value show up as bars and on the right scale.


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  • worked. But now I am trying to display the x axis in monthly manner. And when I club with Fiscal calendar it screws up all my Revenue and Amount value. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong on logic end.


    My data flows whoch shows correct data- which is weekly wise.


    Revenue Plan Inner join with Amount table= this produce correct data( data 3)

    I further plugged Fiscal calendar as soon I Right join to the data 3, it shoots my revenue and amount value multiplied into 3.


  • Hi! 

    The visulization worked. But when I remove the Sum from X, Y and series, it does not show the visulization needed. Also its multiplying the values * 10 times if Sum function is used. 


    Does Sum function only serves Line+ Grouped Bar ?




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