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I was wondering if anyone had a solution for this...


I hvae a field I built in Beast Mode that has this CASE logic...


 WHEN `cost` IS NULL THEN 'n/a'
  ELSE CONCAT('$',ROUND(`Cost`,0))


When i try and put 2 in for the round places and if the value does not have any decimal places to strat with in the raw data it will not add those two decimnal places.  How do I force two decial places via Beat Mode for all numbers regardless if the original source data has 0, 1, 2, 3, etc decimal places

Best Answer

  • A solution might be: 


    ELSE 'cost'

    It will have a 0 rather than 'n/a' which may not work for you, but this would allow you to choose the format of these values as currency and choose to have 2 decimal places. 


    2019-11-06 09_24_19-Loans - Branches - Domo.png

    My thinking is that having 'n/a' or a concatenated value with '$' turns every value into a text string rather than a number which doesn't allow you to format as currency or choose the decimals needed. 


    Let me know if this works for you!

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