'OR' condition possible with ETL Join function?

To report on video engagement by project, I need to join Workfront project field data set with a Brightcove data set.  There are 15 video ID fields in the Workfront data set and one video ID field in the Brightcove data set.  


If the Brightcove video ID field value matches one of the fifteen video ID field values from Workfront, I want an inner join to create a new data set.


The Join works if only one field comparison is set up at a time though.  Is it possible to configure Join is some, but not all conditions are met? If not, suggestions on another approach would be most welcome.



Catherine Hayes
Manager, Business Analytics and Project Operations
The Channel Company

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  • Figauro
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    Hi Catherine,


    While I don't fully understand what your desired outcome is, I think there are a couple options.

    1. Create 15 joins in the ETL
      1. One for each id in the Workfront dataset.
    2. Collape columns
      1. You could collapse all 15 id columns into 1 column. The rest of the data will be duplicated onto every line. You could then make one inner join on the new single id column.

    I hope that helps!



    Tyler Lamparter

    Manager, Business Analytics and Transportation

    Titan Distributors, Inc.