how date filter card works when there are more than 2 data sets in a dashboard

I have a dashboard with cards built from 2 different datasets A, B. Both datasets have a date column  "Event_OccuredAt".  Date filter card is from dataset A "Event_OccuredAt".


1. I created a single value card to show how many new users in last month using dataset B based on another  date column "User_Created_At" in dataset B.   When a date range is selected from Date filter,  this card should not change.  However, it is changing.


2. I created a pie chart to show user status(active or inactive) using dataset B.  The user status is a beast mode.  When a date range is selected from Date Filter,  seems it always changes to only inactive users.  Not fully understand why it works this way.


Can anyone explain what is going on here with the date filter?


Thank you.




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    I have two thoughts here.


    1. Does the `Event_OccuredAt` field exist in dataset B?  Even though it is not being used in a card, if the field exists, then it will filter for those values.


    2. When you are editing the dashboard, you can set the interaction to only filter certain cards.  Try only allowing the date filter card to impact the intended cards using this option.



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