Changing text format via beast mode in Pivot Tables

Is it possible to change the text of a font via a beast mode calculation in the new Pivot table card? I was able to format the text in a standard table, but with no aggregation. For the Pivot table, I have my values set to default. When I switch from standard to the pivot table, the html code appears in the cell itself.


Anyone know what the behavior is like for formatting/styling text within a pivot table? i.e., if aggregating the values into Sum, Min, Max, etc. affect the ability to format the text?





Best Answer


  • Hi there,


    I'm sure you have already but I must ask - have you performed a Save & Close and viewed the card outside of the analyser? I've had multiple incidents myself where the HTML code would appear in the cell and would only have the intended affect outside of the analyser.


    If you could also send a snippet of your Beast Mode with the HTML that would be very helpful.




  • Hi!


    Here's part of my formula:

    `Sorting` = 08 or `Sorting` = 10 or `Sorting` = 12 or `Sorting` = 18 or `Sorting` = 22
    then concat('<span style= "font-style: italic; color: Green;">',concat(ROUND(`Amount`*100,2),'%'),'</span>')


    It's picking up the Green, but not the font-style.


    Am I using the right syntax for font-style? I've tried "font-weight: bold" which seems to work fine, but I'm really just looking for italics here.