Calculated metric using Segments

I have a dataset with multiple segments which filter the visits to particluar page based on the page  flow. 


Page Flow is A1 -> A2 -> A3 ->A4

Total Visits to website - V  

Segement A - Visits to  page A1 - V1 

Segement B - Visits to page A2 from A1 - V2

and so on. 


I want to calculate the percentage of V2/V1 i.e a conversion metric for me.


Can we achieve something like this Visits in Segment B % Visits in Segment A in Calculate field???

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    Hi @AvinashK 


    It's a little difficult to provide clear guidance here because I am not sure what your dataset looks like.  But I believe that you can accomplish this by creating a calculated field (also known as 'beast mode').


    `Segment B Field` / `Segment A Field`

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    At this point, I will say that you will be able to do that. The only workaround of this one is creating an ETL where you will need to use the calculator tile. In this way, you will be able to insert the right values and the right calculation.


    Please take a look at the following guides: Also, I will recommend you to take a look at this other guide for the calculation fields that you will need to insert in the ETL ""


    Please tell us if this works or not.


  • Do you already have the segments identified, or do you need to create a field which maps them?  


    It sounds like you perhaps have a field with start point and a field with end point.  The segments would then be identified by the permutation of start/end combinations.  You could achieve this in ETL using the concatenation function, and mapping the possibile results to the appropriate segment.  (There are a few ways to do this in ETL)


    After that, it simply rolls into the beast mode suggested by @ST_-Superman-_ .  For this final piece, I recommend using beast mode over ETL because you may want to filter the results or aggregate in a variety of ways.  Beast mode will calculate dynamically, and grant you that flexibility.  




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  • Thanks. I just saw your reply and this is what exactly I have done. 

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