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I would like a page to load pre-filtered, but allow the user to change the filtering via a page filter.

Currently I have a page filter for "Fiscal Year" like this:

  • FY20
  • FY19
  • FY18
  • FY17

and 98% of the time a user wants to see FY20.  Is there a way I can set "FY20" to "Checked" in this page filter, allowing the user to select other FYs as needed?  I would like my filter card to look like the attached whenever a user visits the page.


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  • What about saving the page filter to the page? I believe that defaults it to what you want, but the user can then change it after.





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  • Good morning!


    To do this you will want to put your Fiscal Year column into the filter portion on the analyzer screen and select the option to display as quick filter:



    This should create a new view in the analyzer for the quick filter. In this section you will want to select the filters you want to card to be defaulted to show (i.e. FY20):


    Once you do this, the card will be defaulted to the applid filter you selected, and users will be able to change the filters for FY as they please.


  • Thanks much for your reply!

    If I'm not mistaken, this will result in the FY Filter card only showing the one filtered value.  Then for the user to change FYs, they would need to open that card, and choose a Quick Filter.  Is there a piece that I'm overlooking?



    Annotation 2019-09-16 124551.jpg

    *Click on FY Filter card

    Annotation 2019-09-16 124759.jpg



  • I apoligze, I misunderstood. Is this a filter card for a whole page? 

  • No apologies needed!  Yes, I'm using this card as a Page Filter.

  • I tried playing around with this for a while and was unfortunatley unable to find a solution. I'll be following this post in case someone does know a solution since I'd love to use this as well. 

  • Thanks for your reply.  Since I have set up a section of page filter cards, I was hoping to make Fiscal Year one of those filters, that way users won't need to rely on two different sections of the page for filters.

    Perhaps I'll abandon filter cards alltogether and just go with predefined filters in the filter bar.

  • Is it safe to say that what I'm trying to accomplish with filter cards is impossible, and I should just use page filters?


  • I think you should decide what is more valuable, the quick filters on each card preset to something specific or the ability to filter all the cards at once and go with what makes sense for your use case. Now I'd say if you go with the page filters leave the quick filters available as well but you'd have to default them to show all values, then the users can change it if they want. 


    Depending on your groupings and page organizations you could always break off some cards onto another page if they don't provide enough value if you switch to page filters, but if they're all related I'm sure you'd want to keep them on the same page.

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