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Hi guys, I have couple question. How can I add an external web page to my dashboard? How can I create a clickable hyperlink that will not open as a separate tab? I tested it with the Notebook card but hyperlink opens a webpage in a separate tab. Did not find any instructions on how to add a webpage to the dashboard. Also, did anyone tried to use p-filter where you can pass multiple filters from one page to another?

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  • If you open the notebook card in edit mode, you can use the hyperlink function to set up your hyperlink.  This will give you the ability to uncheck the box for opening the link in a new page.  


    On your dashboard edit view, you can make the tile interaction not open in a new tab.  


    Unfortuately, it looks like the feature for a tile on a dashboard to open a site outside Domo does not have the option to not open in a new window.  I think that is likely by design, to keep the Domo page open.  


    So - there are 2 options:

    1.  They click the tile, and a new tab opens and goes to the site. 

    2.  They click the tile, it opens the card in the same window, and when the link is clicked, it opens in the same window, too.  


    Depends on your goals - fewer clicks vs. only one tab open.  


    Hope that helps, 





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