Keeping historical track of live data

Hello, I'm working with data from our CRM. To simplify things, let's say we only have one Pipeline, or sales vertical. 


A very simplified version of what I'll have in my data set is two columns: Deal Title / Deal Value. 


Deal A / $100


The data from our CRM  is updated constantly and so the data points are always changing. That same deal in two weeks could be worth more:


Deal B / $250


The issue here is that there isn't a log kept of the deal values, so for example I can't say what the value of deals in our pipeline was last week compared to this week since the data is live and has already changed. The only way I see of doing this now is manually downloading the data the previous week and never updating it, then the following week downloading the data as a separate data set, making cards for each data set and then comparing the values. Is there a better way of doing this? Thank you in advance!

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    How are you loading the data into Domo ?


    if using a connector, change the setting from Replace method to Append.

    That will create an automated field that tags every row with the Batch Last Run Date which referes to the day your data is appended.  That way you can look at what the data looked like in the past compared to the most recent update

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