JIRA Rest API - how to retrieve original urls



I have successfully set up the connection between Domo and JIRA using the JIRA Rest API connector. However, when I import the Single ticket reports, there is no url available in that data set that can link back to the ticket on JIRA. Is there a way to retrieve thoses urls?



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  • guitarhero23
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    If you want this URL to be put into a data table or something so people can click it you can do it with the following beastmode


    CONCAT('<a href= https://{yourdomainhere}.atlassian.net/browse/',`issue_key`,' target = new> View in JIRA </a>')


    This will add a hyperlink to your ticket as it dynamically inserts the issue key for each row. If you're looking to create a new field completely with this link you could create a dataflow that basically does the same thing, creates a new column where the https://{yourdomainhere}.atlassian.net/browse/ is constant and just concatenates the issue_key at the end.

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