Single number selection from a group of numbers (Like random selection but from a controlled source)

I've got a very unusual issue. I need to select a group of workorder numbers that meet a certain selection criteria, and then from those select one. In the perfect world it would be random.

I know that was a stretch so I tried put a ranking on them and thought that I could simply turn the value into Max(Value) and get my single WorkOrder number.

That works, however my selection date range is for the entire week and I end up getting a Max Number for each day that a WorkOrder falls on.

So then I tried adding the RONumber and the ranking together so I could do a Max on that and it worked exactly the way I wanted.

Until I needed to get the WorkOrder number associated to the selection (The first 10 digits of the ROAudit Number i created) As soon as I try and get the RO number I get the multiples again.

Anyone ever try something like this or have any suggestions, as it is right now I may have to supply the ROAudity Number and have the Auditor manually extract the first 10 digits.



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    You could try 

    LEFT(your_beast_mode, 10)

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  • Thanks, I didn't think I could use Left() on a Numeric value. I had to modify it slightly to Max(Left(mydata,10)

    That gave me the trim value and still only returned the single RO

    Really appreciate it.