Error trying to access Domo server in Powerpoint

I have the PowerPoint plugin installed and it is in the list of add-ons in Powerpoint. 

When I try and connect to the server (using our domain name) I get an error. It will not connect.

Others at the company can connect and export cards with no problem. What could be the issues?

I am able to accesss DOMO without issue through the internet, so not sure why this is not working on my laptop.


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    So when you go to the Domo tab in PPT, then over on the left you hit 'connect to domo', new acct and in the box you put just the company name or whatever it is you have and hit authenticate another box or something with your open/connect browser version of Domo doesn't pull up it just returns an error?

    Can you share what the error is?

  • Hello!

    Yes, these are the exact steps I'm following. 

    Select New Account

    Enter our company DOMO doman "Vormetric" and i get the attached error. (Screen Shot)

    Thank you,


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    @LanesaS  are you logged into Domo with Chrome on the same computer when you try to do this (with ppt)?  

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