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I need confirmation of something that is an ask from my company that does not seem possible in Domo. We give users access through publication groups where they are limited to only seeing their data in a data set. Some of our users don't see any data because of this as they might not be generating any data for the card. 

Is there any way (either through data flowing to Domo saying that this person won't use this card or through the card not having any data to display) to hide that card? 

We can't do card level access on a user by user basis as our user base is too large to maintain this. We would need a Domo solution that could respond to the data itself. 

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    @user14877  I don't believe there is a way for you to hide/display cards based on data results.  At least on a  dashboard/publication group set up.  I'm guessing you don't want people to see 'no data generated for this card' type message when no data is available for them?  If that is the case you might be able to create a row of data in your ETL that populates some 0 or NULL value for the metrics so they would see a chart but just be blank.  You could also possibly move the cards to a lower position in your dashboard that may not populate frequently so they aren't hit with it right when they open a page.  OR another way, create an alert on the card so that if there is data or isn't data (whichever flavor you want) they may get an alert so they'd know when something is available for them vs always opening the dashboard to go look for themselves.


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