Total Rows Incorrect from Salesforce report

I have a data set that pulls from a Salesforce report with Accounts, Contracts, and Subscriptions. I'm using the FULL ID (18-digit) on the Subscription record as the unique ID to pull more than 2000 records from Salesforce.


When I refresh that data set, I get wildly varying records returned, sometimes over the number of records I see in Salesforce, sometimes under... by a couple thousand each time.


When I look at the data table for that data set in Domo, I do see duplicate IDs in the FULL ID column. I exported the same report from Salesforce and verified that there are no duplicates for that column in Excel.


Has anyone run into this before?

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  • robertc
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    I found a solution for my issue. Instead of using the 18-digit FULL ID for the subscription record, I used Subscription # (which is also unique) and now I have the right number of records.


  • Hi @robertc 


    This might be a silly question but in the connector settings are doing an append or replace of the records ?


    if you are doing an append, you can look at the last batch id or batch last run date to differenciate each pull

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  • Good question. I'm doing a replace. I also have another user who created his own data set with the same settings against the same report, but using his SFDC credentials and he gets the same result... varying row count and duplicates. He's also using the Replace method.

  • Sounds odd. If you don't figure it out and you're able to I'd recommend using SOQL (workbench would help write it to create the same filters that are on your report and use "Query" as the how to select in the Salesforce connector settings. I've had no issues with this.

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  • @robertc Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your Domo settings for this dataset?

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