how do you format date for comparison to today

I have tried several iterations to compare the date field to CURDATE, CURRENTDATE, NOW and when I attempt to determine if they are equal, I get an error. Does anyone know the proper MYSQL to format for this comparison?


when DATE_FORMAT(`call_date`,'%m-%d-%Y')=CURDATE() then 'Today'
when DATE_FORMAT(`call_date`,'%m-%d-%Y')= CURDATE()-1 then 'Yesterday'
Thank you in advance


  • I could be mistaken here but I beleive the CURDATE() format is in YYMMDD so it may be erroring out due to the formats not matching. Let me know if this fixes anything!

  • so then you think this would work

    when date_format(`call_date`,%y %m %d)=CURDATE() then 'Today'
    when date_format(`call_date`,%y %m %d)=CURDATE()-1 then'Yesterday'


    but it doesn't

  • Have you tried without formatting the call_date? 

    WHEN 'call_date' = CURDATE() THEN 'Today'
    WHEN 'call_date' = CURDATE()-1 THEN 'Yesterday'
  • The problem is that the date_format function returns a string value not a date value.  As long as `call_date`  is a date field then you should be able to compare to the curdate().  If `call_date` is text then you will need to convert it to date before doing date comparisons.

  • Thanks, Chris.  Unfortunately, call_date is a date/time field and will not compare to Curdate.

  • Thanks. Unfortunately, that gave me an error

    The database reported a syntax error. Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) and (latin1_swedish_ci,NUMERIC) for operation '='

  • Hi @user11351 


    if all you are trying to do is tag today's date as "Today" and Yesterday's date  as "Yesterday" then do this


    when Date(`call_date`) = Current_Date() then 'Today'
    when Date(`call_date`) = Date_Add(Current_Date, interval -1 day) then 'Yesterday'

    you might have to adjust for UTC time but I dont know what you time zone is or how your dates come to Domo

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  • I am not sure how the table in domo can have a different collation but that is what the error is stating.  Personally I have never seen this error but you may be able to run your query by using the BINARY operator.  Even if this resolves you issue I would open a ticket with support to determine the root cause of the issue.


    when binary `call_date`= binary CURDATE() then 'Today'
    when binary `call_date`=binary CURDATE()-1 then 'Yesterday'