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My question revoloves around the page views within the Domo platform.  As an Admin, and maybe other users as well?, you can see who is currently online in the instance.  When clicking on that person, it will tell you the most frequent and most recent cards they have viewed.


I am just wondering if anyone has an idea how to get some of this data?  As we are implementing this more and more throughout the company, I was thinking this may be a way to ensure that employees are being proactive and attentive of the information they are being given.  If we could have some kind of usage dashboard using that 'viewed' data, I beleive it would give people an incentive to ensure collaboration on this project.


Any insight would be helpful and appreciated.  Thanks!

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    There's an add-on called DomoMetrics that might solve your question.  It provides data like 'Cards Viewed by Person', 'User Logins by Day', etc...  It doesn't automatically come with your instance of Domo, I think you have to ask for it to be added.


    Hope this helps.


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