Is there a way to manage the org chart that is not so manual?

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I want to keep my company's org chart in Domo up to date, but it is too much work for one person to do manually. I would love it if there was a way to do a bulk import or something similar that I could do periodically. In fact, I was hoping this could be part of the People bulk import by just adding an extra field like "manager email" with who the person reports to.

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    There is not currently a way to bulk manage the org chart, this would have to be submitted as product feedback.


  • Just curious, was this ever submitted as a product feedback?

    If not, can it be?  What do you need from me/us to get it submitted?

    Would be a nice feature to add and could be (seemingly) fairly easy to implement -- maybe by adding a "Manager" field to the user bulk import process and feed that into the org chart functionality?




  • @PacoTaco this problem has been solved before but ... i think it's usually an add-on app or tool that clients pay for. ask your CSM, but also check in with the Domo User Group b/c this can be done with Python Scripts and the like.  


    I think Andrew at CrystalBallers may have a custom app.  Are you in the global slack channel?  He lurks in there.

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  • @jaeW_at_Onyx  Thanks for the heads up. We have another app that handles org charting currently, was just trying to do it natively in DOMO reporting -- one less app to maintain.