PDP - Policies for Owners / Simulate Policies

We are utlilizing PDP on a dataset which we have duplicated the data to split it into three categories for different levels of PDP. This will allow us to use the same cards for multiple purposes and have the data change depending on the level of access.


Annotation 2019-05-01 081923.png


Issue we are running into is for the owner who by default is in the All Rows policy. Since the owner sees all rows, the data is not correct as it will not filter out the duplicated data and just pull it all in.


What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way in PDP to either edit the policies so that the owner can be removed from all rows? If that is not possible, are there any ideas (with the exception of using other accounts) which anyone has to trying to simulate the different security levels so the owner can review it as they build?





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  • Hey, 

    One way could be to create a generic admin account like ["Company Name" DOMO Support] and assign all cards this owner and then assign the "now" owner to a policy. 

    let me know if you didnt understand something.