Data bars in table view

please guide me by giving some reference link or any resource which can help me create data bars in domo tables.

I did search for that and found a few hints in this link but didn't get any useful information.


I am trying to achieve something like this.

tablegraphics5.png (750×286)

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Effie
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    You could still use the main table graph and adjust the bar length using HTML code in the Beast Mode. In the attached is the following formula used:


    CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#7940a1;',CONCAT('width:',RAND()*100,'px;'),'height:100%;margin-left:-75px;padding:30px">','</div>')


    Specifically, you can replace the RAND() formula and use your measure (as percent of total) in the CONCAT formula and try out which left margin and padding spaces work better. 


    Hope that helps.


  • The table, as built in this article is actually using HTML code to embed images of the Sales "bar code"


    I would encourage you to try building this table using the new Flex Table Card.





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