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I have scheduled reports that get sent out multiple times a day, so currently I have to create a separate schedule instance with the same distribution list for every time during the day I want the report to send. It would be helpful to be able to create multiple times within a daily report schedule so that I could manage the reports more effectively.

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  • My experience with receiving multiple Domo emails per day on the same topic tends to cause me to ignore them.  Have you considered creating alerts that would get sent when a particular event occured?  Why do your users want to see the same report multiple times in one day?  I would encourage looking for a way to get them to the answer they looking for via alerting.

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  • I see your point and normally I would agree with you.  In this case, however, the primary audience for these reports consists of customers who need to know the status and last location of their deliveries while they're on the road, so there really isn't a meaningful metric to use for an alert. Plus, they don't have Domo licenses, so it makes more sense to push an emailed to them so they don't have to inundate our reps with requests for updates multiple times a day.

  • That is an interesting use case.  Have you considered using Domo embed?  I agree that the preferred solution here would be to allow you to schedule multiple times for a report, but since that isn't available yet, I am trying to think of other possible solutions.  



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