Adding Chart to Table Cards Using Beast Mode

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I stumbled upon this amazing knowledge base article, which is contains information about adding graphics, links, and images to table cards using Beast Mode :


However, I didnt find information or guide on how to add charts into table cards in those article. So, Im curious wether if it is possible to add chart into table cards using beast mode ? or is there article somewhere in knowledge base or Dojo that I didnt aware exist ?


Attached the sample of the chart in table cards that I want to create.


Thank You!


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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    I believe that the image you are showing is a bit misleading. I think it is actually an image, and not a dynamic bar graph built inside a table card. 


    I do think this is a good feature request though. I feel like this functionality is pretty simple to accomplish with excel. 

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  • Ah... That's really unfortunate.. Hopefully, DOMO will add this feature in the future, or at least show us the trick on how to do it.


    Thanks for the reply !