Is possible create table report displaying rows as master-detail?


I have two datasets with data enough to show rows as master-detail like an invoice with master line and details of each main row. Is possible to do that using DOMO tables?



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    Hi, @Adrian_Car,


    I'm thinking of this like invoice line item data, so I'll use that terminology as we discuss.


    Have you tried a Sumo card? It has pivot table functionality that would allow you to show invoice line-item amounts and then roll those up to an invoice subtotal. Check out this documentation here:


    Alternatively, I can imagine a data process that would output a dataset in exactly the form you need with one row containing the invoice-level data and the following n number of rows containing the line-level data. That output dataset would need to include a column with sorting values such that you could sort on the column in the card to put the rows in the correct order. You could then build a table card on that new dataset and sort by your sorting column. You could even apply color rules to format the invoice-level row differently than the line-level rows.


  • @DanB Thank you so much for your help.

    I didn't see Sumo/DOMO before but it works perfectly in my case. 


    Thank you.

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