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Some of my datasets are populated only once weekly or monthly.  When a new month starts all of my "current month" cards show "No data in filtered range".  Is there a way to specify "most recent month" rather than current month?  The idea is to populate cards with the latest month, regardless of if this is also the most recent month.


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    There's always the option of changing your cards from "This Month" to "Last Month" in the date filters, but a "Last Month" card may not be that valuable by the end of the next month.  Easy/quick button would be to duplicate the card and set one to This Month and one to Last Month.  The user could then make the judgement of which was more relevant to look at.


    For something that would represent "latest month with data associated on it", you could do some ETL with a max function & grouping to identify the month/year with the most recent non-null value, and then beast filter just on that month/year.


    Is there a timeframe or cutoff that the business uses when discussing last month or this month?  Another method would be to setup some beasts & filters to show a certain timeframe depending on the day of the current month...you could set it to show last month data if current date was between the 1st and the 5th, and this month data if today's day was greater than the 5th.  I think that can be just as confusing though for the person reading it if they're not aware of that cutoff.








  • I've had a simliar issue when looking at some of our financial data.  My solution was to create a webform that would allow me to indicate the Reported Year and Month.  I then added this webform to my data set and I can use filters for `Date Field` = `Reported Date`


    Hope that helps.

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  • This is an interesting solution, if I can't automate it I'll give this a try.


  • Thanks for your great ideas!  I was able to make your second idea (using a Max Function & Grouping) work with the help of this other string on how to create a column with Max Date https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Beast-Mode-ETL-Dataflow/ETL-Create-Column-with-Max-Date/m-p/20242/highlight/false#M2090

  • Nice!  That's the way to do it! ?


    Grouping is a wonderful piece of ETL.  Any time you've got aggregations that you want to filter on in a card, just take it upstream and group it in magic.  

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