Quickbooks Enterprise - ETL Transaction Pickup Issue

The nuts and bolt of the issue is our Quickbooks ETL logic is not picking up edits made by end users. We are wanting to pick up the latest transaction. We validate or process on the date and transaction number field. So say there is transaction number (TN) 123 on 1/29 and TN 124 on 1/30. If the user edits then edits 123 it is the latest transaction but the transaction number remains 123 and our logic doesn't pick that up. It still thinks 124 is the latest. Has anyone encountered this and solved this before? 

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  • Billobi
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    From looking our QB ledger, I can see where you're coming from on this.  Instead of using your logic to keep an eye out for the MAX() of TN#, I'd switch it to looking at the most recent Last Modified datetime stamp.  You could also use the Rank & Window ETL to get it to rank the last #x transactions and that would allow you to always spot the most recent TN (with a Rank of 1), or would even allow you to view the last 10 edited transactions (if you set card filter to a Rank <= 10).