How to get long category labels to display?

So, this seems like it ought to be easy, but after trying a lot of different max label length settings, allowing overlap, attempting to use the snapshot utility, etc. I am at a point where I'm just frustrated at not being able to do much to control how much of a category label on an axis will display - screenshot included (real-ish labels / simulated counts to avoid any disclosure).


This and similar reports have to be distributed to folks who often aren't in a place where they can just inuit what the rest of a label may be.  And given that this is pareto reporting, I can't simply cut categories out to try and limit the columns displayed.


Is there a way to get long category labels to display without having to manually create text graphics to replace this shortened?  Has anyone found any way other than just throwing their arms up in the air and instead using R/Python/Excel to just manually do this?

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    I'm not aware of a way to extend the length of the labels.  Have you considered shortening the names, or using a category / sub category approach?  Where your first view might display the "Site", "External", etc. level of detail, which you could then drill into to provide the greater detail.


    That might be a worthwhile Idea to add "Force full name" as an option.

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  • Unfortunately this is a case where I simply need to be able to display long labels for a particular audience. Outside of the sample data I provided I also have cases where I need to be able to display full organization names... which would be fine until those moments when I need to display "Complicated Company, Division A" and also "Complicated Company, Division B - APJ" which each have distinct lines of business but names that aren't distinct until way past most reasonable text cuttoff limits.


    In any other situation your answer is pretty much the answerIn my own day to day I'm working with short tag versions of these labels ?


    I will likely post a version of this over to the suggestion board if I can't find an already existing request.  Until then, I may just have to suffer through some janky editing of screenshots or using an alternative program for just the couple of reports where it is needed.

  • ST_Superman, Just realized I totally missed saying thank you anywhere in my initial reply - thank you for the reply and thoughts on the issue!

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