How do we data mask in DOMO ?

I need to data mask some of the data that is coming from SFDC, successfactor. Do we have any automated function in domo we can do with ?


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  • You can use the Workbench to encrpyt selected data that's being brought into your instance, but you will need to use the Workbench to accomplish this.

  • That article I linked above should be able to walk you through the whole process step by step, however you would need to bring your data into your instance via the Workbench. 


    Are you currently using it at all? That was one caveat I had initially mentioned.


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    There's no way to data mask but you can use  Personalized Data Permissions on the dataset to hide certain records.

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  • Thank you for your reply, can you please give me an example how to do personalized Data Permission on the data set?

  • So I have three different reports/ 3 jobs whoch are getting into the ETL as these 3 reports are lve files gets updated  every night/fortnight,  which needs encryption(data masking). Do you have any example how to do in workbench ?

  • Sure check out this article about it:

  • Please show me how to do it in Workbench?

  • Thanks thats so helpful ! Do you know if we can put a condition in Transorm ?

    eg:  I want encryption for some particular country ? Can we put a where condition ?

  • Truthfully I'm not sure if you can since I've never had a use-case for that before. It might just be a blanket action to the whole column though.


    It would be a great feedback/requested idea though! I'm sure there are others who could benefit as well.