Bucket Only Two Fields and All Data Remains the Same

I am attempting to bucketize only two data fields while leaving the other data with the same names. In this case, I'd like both lead sources that contain "Saleforce" to be in one bucket called Salesforce, I'd like the remaining lead sources to keep their respective names. When I use the formula at the bottom, it only buckets the Salesforce items and the remaining lead sources stay in an unnamed bucket. Please finish the formula at the bottom to prompt Beastmode to keep the remaining fields as they are.



Lead Source - Salesforce

Lead Source - Salesforce.com

Lead Source - Microsoft

Lead Source - Oracle



WHEN `Lead Source Detail` like '%Salesforce%' then 'Salesforce'

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  • Valiant
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    You almost had it. See small addition of ELSE statement below:


    WHEN `Lead Source Detail` like '%Salesforce%' then 'Salesforce'
    ELSE `Lead Source Detail`

    Hope that helps,



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