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I accidentally closed my output/preview window in my workbench, how do i get it back? 


I was trying to find an option but didn't see any.



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  • some jobs ran fine as they are running daily. there was one that failed.


    I had to re-install my workbench and reconfigure it to make it work. Its working now...


  • You should have a small tab at the bottom left of your screen that has "Preview" and another that says "Output".  If you hit the X in the preview pane and it shows up and is just blank, hit the "Preview" eye at the top  on the menu bar and that should work.

  • there is no preview/output window showing up. I have attached a screenshot here.

  • You don't have Preview at the top showing because you aren't focused on a job...so if you expand the jobs and highlight one you'd get that option showing back at the top...if not close and reopen workbench.  


    I'd try to close/reopen workbench if that doesn't work.


    If all else fails, think about what version of workbench you're on.  I can't remember problems with older versions, but I always see Preview/Output in mine..so it may be something up with the version you are on....but that is just a guess.

  • it was there this morning but i accidentally clicked on close on that tab :(


    I tried to close and re-open workbench, didn't work.


    preview button works when i focus on a job but it doesn't show the preview or the ouput even when i click on preview or run.


    my workbench version is 4.62.6715.32090

  • And the job has no errors and ran fine?  Did you look over the logs?

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