How to turn off /Hide cards being built from showing up in weekly 'What's happening in Domo?' notifi

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As a Domo Admin - how can we configure our settings so that cards being built or test cards do not show up in the weekly 'What's Happening in Domo?' to all users.   This is causing confusion to many of our Domo Users.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way that we can configure out settings for the What's Happening in Domo email. It is an auto generated email, and we have no control over what content is put into it besides it only shares what each user has access to. There are two things that I do if a feature isn't available. 1. Search the Ideas exchange here If your idea exists then vote it up, otherwise submit your idea so others can vote it up.
    2. Use the Feedback button in the main menu in your instance. It sends your input directly to product managers so that they can add it to the backlog. 

    Other than that, you can just turn it off so that it doesn't send out those emails.


  • Thanks for the response.   Your explanation sounds like what is happening.  It is related to who has access to what.   We are just started rolling out Domo and so far everyone has access to almost everything.  I think we will need to tighten this down.   We thought there might be an other way through our Domo Admin that could just turn this off for everyone.     Thanks for your help.


  • @user01325,


    Please review the Domo Admin documentation here and review this thred here.


    Also feel free to update your Dojo Community handle and settings here.



  • "Other than that, you can just turn it off so that it doesn't send out those emails."


    How do you turn off those emails?  I found where I can turn it off for myself but not company wide.  If you can't do it company wide, as an Admin can I update other users' notificiation settings?  



  • There is now a feature switch for this, but you need to put a ticket in with Domo support in order to get it turned off.