Beast Mode Embedded True/False

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I'd like to create a beast mode so that my pie chart can create all the options. 

I currently have a beast mode that has a true/false statement indicating which cells have been updated/not updated. I want to return the count of all the not updated as well as options A, B, and C. I'm not sure who to return all of those options as well as the not updated column.


CASE WHEN `option` = 'A' OR `option` = 'B'  OR `option` = 'C'  THEN 'UPDATED' ELSE 'NOT UPDATED' END


Return should = 






Any help is much appreciated!

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  • Jsun82
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    If you use the formula, it should be populating the new beast mode field with a value.


    So, if the new column is called "Status", then for the cases when `option`

    'A' it stores a value of 'A'

    'B' it stores a value of 'B'

    'C' it stores a value of 'C'

    Anything else it should store 'Not Updated'


    And then when you graph it, it should tally those numbers.  If that doesn't work, you can insert:

    when `option` is null then 'Not Updated' as the additional case when line.


  • I think I understand your question, but let me restate:


    You want a count of options A, B, C, and Not Updated to show on a chart.  If Option has a value A, B, or C, then it is considered updated.


    If so:


    when `option` = 'A' then 'A'

    when `option` = 'B' then 'B'

    when `option` = 'C' then 'C'

    else 'Not Updated'



    Then you can create your chart and sort by the item created above.


    Let me know if this produces your desired result.



  • Thanks for the quick response!

    The problem I'm having is that the cells that are not updated are actually blank, so that's why they're not being counted. Is there a work around to also count the not updated cells?



  • That worked perfectly! 

    Thanks so much!!!