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Hello guys, hope you have a nice day! I am joining 2 datasets with slightly different keys. One has the structure of [random characters] + [value] + [random characters], and one is value. Could you guys suggest on how to join these 2 dataset? I'm thinking using MySQL join, combined with some regex. However I could not find a proper syntax for this. I'm also not sure if this method is possible.


Thank you for your inputs!

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    Regex could work as long as there's a pattern with the random character prefix and suffix.

    Is the prefix always only 3 characters, for example?

    If that's the case you could just as easily use some substring funtions to extract the value.




    Another way to join would be to use a LIKE comparison like this:

    WHERE a.value LIKE CONCAT('%',b.value,'%')



    That would also work as long as value isn't part of the random characters and still maintains its uniqueness in the across all the strings.

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