linking two tables at the record level

I have two cards, each using two different data sets.

  1. orders
  2. order items

is it possible to link the orders to the order items?

On the order card....I'd like a link for the order id, when clicked, it leads to the order items for that order.


Any ideas?

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  • Valiant
    Answer ✓

    On your Orders card, you can go to the wrench in the top right and select Edit Drill Path.


    Then click 'Add a View'


    This will allow you to build out the 2nd level your card. For you instance, you would build out what you want the Order Items card to look like. Now when you go back to the top level card and then click on an order, it will pass that as a filter down to your new Order Items sub-card.


    Hope that helps,



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