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Hi, we have a dataset with thousands of PDP policies.  All our PDP policies are set to groups.  We would like to set alerts for a group that is not specifically in the PDP policy, but whose members are part one or more of the PDP policies.  What is the best practice around this because it appears I cannot create an alert, share it with a group and have the PDP automatically applied to the alert.  Do I really have to create alerts for each of the groups assigned to PDP policies?  If so, is there an API I can use?  Thanks


Ex: Store manager A oversees 2 stores and is in 2 PDP groups giving him access to his stores (101 and 102).  He is also a member of the Store Manager Group, but this group does not have any specific PDP access.  Store Manager B has store 103 only.  I want to set an alert that Manager A will get when his combined 2 stores margin (or either store if it is easier) falls below 40% and Manager B will get when his margin falls below the same 40%.  I don't want to create hundreds/thousands of alerts if the alert trigger is the same, but I want PDP to be applied to each user.


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    Hey @jstan,


    As it stands currently, you would need to set up an alert for each PDP policy. If you didn't want all the users in the group to see the same alert, you may even need to just add the individual users to their own PDP policy. In the store manager example, there isn't really a way around this.


    However, there are a bunch of changes coming to alerts soon that will make this WAY easier. If you can hold out till the next update there will be contextual alerts that will calculate the alert based on your PDP policy without having to specify. One alert for all your store managers and they will only get alerted when their store hits the threshold.

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  • The contextual alert option is out now which is great! However I cannot share alerts to individuals if the PDP policies only use groups. We assign users to groups and then establish the PDP policies for each group. Typically a group is at a department level or higher, but team leads would like to set up their own alerts and share them with there team members. However the only options they have to share the alerts currently is with the entire group.


    Any work around here? Other than asking each team member to self subscribe.