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I want to query data via workbench but the backend table I'm pulling from is unnecessarily big. I want to limit the date from to the last 30 days from the current day and have it replaced every day. My inclination is something like:


`select * from 'data_source'  where 'day' = {!lastvalue:day!} - 30 


but I'm not sure what the proper syntax is. Please let me know if I need to include more information here, thanks!

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  • Valiant
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    If it's just a standard SQL connection, you should be able to query the source data with something like this:

    SELECT * FROM data_source
    WHERE [day] >= DATEADD(day, -30, getdate())

    If it's a MySQL datasource it would look more like this:

    SELECT * FROM `data_source` 

    Hopefully that helps you get what you're looking for





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