How can I set a default page filter?

We just had our fiscal year change over so all of the cards are now showing very little data and there is no easy way for users to get back to see how FY18 ended. My thought was to set all the cards to the last 2 years then set a default page filter to FY19. Yes, the default value would have to be reset every year but that's a one time thing. So, is it possible to set a default for a page filter or does someone else have a good way to solve the year end problem?




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    If you are not confident that the users will be able to operate the page filter efficiently, you could try creating "Linked Cards" to each of the cards you are using.  Basically, each card would be set to display the Current FY data and would have a "linked card" that could display Previous FY data.





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    Any thoughst on this one?



  • Your suggestion sounds good to me.  If you want this to be a page filter than I believe the field would need to be added within the data flow.  I do not believe that beastmodes can be used for page filters.


    I would suggest adding a field called `Fiscal Year` to your data set.  Depending on when your fiscal year turns over:




    case when MONTH(`Date Field`) <=6 then concat('FY', RIGHT(YEAR(`Date Field`),2)

    else concat('FY', RIGHT(YEAR(`Date Field`)+1,2))

    end as `Fiscal Year`

    from table_name


    This would create a field that would list any date before July 1st 2018 as 'FY18' and anything after July 1st as 'FY19'.


    You could then add a page filter usind the `Fiscal Year` field that would allow you to select any FY you wanted to view in the data set.



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  • @ST_-Superman-_ suggests basically what I was thinking.  Something on the dataset that would be a quick toggle from a page filter.  If that's a dataflow, or in the original datasource job, you'd have to decide, but not a beast mode.

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  • First, thank you to those that responded.


    So we do have a Fiscal Year field already in the data. The issue I'm having is the page these cards live on is shared with over 200 people with varying degrees of data knowledge and Domo abality. Ideally I would be able to make the page flexable enough to show the current and previous year while defaulting to the view they will be using 80+% of the time. I'm hesitant to put something out there that is ONLY good if they know to apply a filter, like would be the case if I set all the cards to show 2 years and rely on them to add a page filter. I also don't want to duplicate all my cards to have a copy for both years. 


    This is a once-a-year problem but it is a BIG problem and it's the first time we've been through it with Domo.

  • So this may get a lot easier once interaction filters are rolled out. Currently in beta, this not only allows for page filters to be applied by clicking on a specific part of a card (without having to drill into it), but it also includes the new Slicer card type. 


    If you were able to tie the appropriate fiscal year to each line of data, you could setup something like this where your end-users only need to click which fiscal years they wish to view the page for:



    Again, this is in beta and things may change before release, but hopefully that's something that's rolled out soon.




  • Valiant,

    That would be amazing. Will you be able to default it to a value? 'cause that would make my day and it's not even 8am yet.

  • Yes you can. It applies a page filter at the underlying level that you can then set as the default. That way when a user comes to the page it has the defaulted year already selected, but they can edit the filter by clicking on the slicer card. (At least from my early beta testing, again things may change)



  • Clark,

    I forgot about linked cards. That's a good idea. It would mean doubling the number of cards but might be the best option until the new feature Valiant meantioned is released. I could probably pare down the number of last year cards too.



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    Hi @Brian,

    I came in to help answer this question, but it looks like you've been getting awesome help! These two answers are exactly what I would have suggested as well.


    If you had your question answered, could you mark one as an answer?



  • @Jarvis

    I accepted the solution of creating a second set of cards that show the previous year and using the "Linked Cards" section to allow users to go back and forth. I'm in the process of doing this now and will post again with feedback from users.

  • Great dialogue and collaboration!

  • Hi! I have a similar need. I'm in the interaction filters beta also but don't see any options for setting a default in the slicer, as you suggested. Can you provide some additional steps on how you approached this in your testing? Thank you!

  • I just got access to that beta and will be exploring it today.


    For now I copied the page and changed all the cards to "Previous Year." I had a single page that I used as a card library and then used Move/Copy to scatter the 20-30 visuals across several pages. This card library page is what I copied and pointed my users to. Between the card library and the number of visuals, it made this approach possible. So far, the feedback has been pretty good. 


    If I discover something new in my exploring today, I'll let you know.

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    With these new intraction filters, can you force them to only select one value. the the example you posted, if the filter is defaulted to 2017 and I click on 2018, would it unselect 2017? Or would it show data for both years? 

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  • Just checked and there isn't a 'Select only 1' option or anything like that. In your example, it would then show data for both 2017 and 2018, but it's easy to see which options are selected (and perhaps de-select 2017 if that's your goal).



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