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Hi - I have a Year over Year by quarter card, and I'd like to have the date format on the x-axis be the quarter number only, i.e. Q1, Q2, etc..  Instead, it defaults to the most recent year.  From the knowledge base, it appears that there used to be a macro, %Q, but that was discontinued in the latest release.  Can anyone help?  Thanks, LaurieQuarterly Chart example.PNG


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    I'm seeing the same thing on my end in regards to the date formats. There doesn't seem to be a working native format option to return only the quarter. 


    If that's the case, the only method would be to create a beastmode that returns the quarter # for your date range, something like:


    Then use that as your X axis and apply a sort on the `date` field in order to order them correctly. 


    You would then have to build out the fiscal year intervals for your values as well and use that as your Y axis values. 


    It might be worth reaching out to support though to see if there's a way to get the %Q function added back in.


    Best of luck,


  • Valiant - thanks for your reply.  I think I'll change it back to a monthly view!  But I will put in a suggestion to reinstate the quarterly function.  Thanks.

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