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I am using Magic ETL to load data.  My data has columns for customer, month, product and revenue.  I have created calculated columns in the ETL for the customers start month.  I am trying to create a column that calculates the maximum monthly revenue for a customer within the first 3 months of their start date; this is dynamic so every customer has a different start date.  I am using this for churn analysis later so want to put it in the ETL instead of in beast mode so that I can use it in other calculations.  However, I am having a hard time figuring out how to calculate this as all the dates I see are fixed or relative but used in the entire data set.  Any suggestions?

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  • Theresa2000
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    The SQL transform worked. I also was able to do this in the Magic ETL by creating another data flow and filtering for the range I was looking for and then doing a group by on that range.


  • Normally when doing something like this, I would use a SQL Transform. Here's what that might look like:


    (SELECT SUM(`Price`) FROM dataset AS b
    WHERE b.`Customer` = a.`Customer`
    AND b.`Month` >= a.`Start Month`
    AND b.`Month` <= DATE_ADD(a.`Start Month`, INTERVAL 2 MONTH)
    ORDER BY SUM(`Price`) DESC
    LIMIT 1) AS 'Max 3 Month Price'
    FROM dataset AS a

    Hopefully that logic will help get you started.





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