Using Total as figure in Beast calc

This might be obvious, but I couldn't find how to do this. Is it possible to use the total figure (row total) as an individual figure in beast mode calcs? I have tried to do the following calc:




The above calc is only doing the calculation on a row by row basis and is not using the sum figure/total figure.

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  • Valiant
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    You're not able to do this at the card level and would need to calculate this at within your ETL/Data Transform process. 


    Calculations at the card level are viewed "row-by-row" so if your calculation is comparing Amount in Row 1, a SUM(Amount) would only return the amount of Row 1 at Row 1 since it's not grouped and still broken out by each row. 


    An alternative would be to calculate the SUM(Amount) ahead of time and add it as a constant value column to your dataset. This would let you do Amount / (Precalculated SUM(Amount)) for each row.


    Let me know if you have any other questions,



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