Port number used for workbench to upload data to the domo cloud

Can I know the port number used for workbench to upload data to the domo?
We have own internet server and need to configure the network port just in case it got blocked 

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  • Austin
    Austin Domo Employee
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    Thank you for reaching out to Domo Support in regard to our Workbench tool. You shouldn't be required to use a port number outside of the standard '22', however, it may be beneficial to double check with your IT team to ensure that your network doesn't demand something different.


    If this is considered a high priority, then please call our number and reference the following ticket number:


    Ticket: 05665915




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    - Domo Technical Support

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  • DomoGordonP
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    I just wanted to clarify the comments above.  Workbench uses standard HTTPS/Port 443 to upload data to Domo.  Generally, HTTPs is not restricted, but if it is, you can un-block this by setting a rule to allow Workbench to communicate over Port 443.  






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